Examples of automotive parts processing of hardened steel materials


Automotive parts manufacturers of machining hardened steel output pulley shafts, the requirements of the external circle interrupted cutting and reduce unit cost of machining, cost reduction and efficiency.

After fully understanding the machining requirements, WSS has developed a machining solution to reduce production costs, WSS technicians visited the site to understand the machining situation and selected CBN inserts with excellent toughness and wear resistance to provide a high quality solution for hardened steel machining. The results of the field test were very good, the life of the insert was increased, the machining results reached the standard, and the production cost was reduced.

WSS DNGA standard inserts

Specialised CBN cutting tools for hardened steel cutting

High substrate strength and selection of imported cutter head materials

Good toughness, high degree of wear resistance

High line speed, high feed conditions to maintain machining stability