Commonly used vocabulary for cutting tools in German


WSS Precision Tools (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., is a germen Company which was established in 2003 and now is located in the international metropolis---Shanghai. With Germany's high-end equipment and advanced technology, it uses imported raw materials to replace the import and produces super hard cutting tools (PCD CBN ND), and becomes the leader in the industry.

Bringing products of high-precision, high-efficiency and high-value into the Chinese market is to what WSS adheres consistently during product design, research and development.

Therefore, in addition to comprehensive and abundant professional cutting tools knowledge, WSS staffs also need to grasp some German terminology, in order to timely understand the forefront of technology and the latest dynamic in German market.

The following tabel is the most commonly used vocabulary:

Wendeplatte 刀片
Wälzfräser 滚刀
Schleifscheibensatz 砂轮组
 Diamantabrichtzahnrad 金刚石修整轮
 Diamantabrichtring 金刚石修整环
Diamant-Vielkornabrichter 金刚石修整器
 Abrichtdorn 修整器
Abdachwerkzeug 倒棱刀
Schleifdorn 磨头柄
Abkantwerkzeug 倒棱盘
Schlupfring E-Flansch 砂轮垫圈
Drehhalter Kassette 刀夹
Torx Bits 扳头
Dichtscheibe 密封垫片
Doppelspannzangenfutter 双夹头
Drehmomentschlüssel 扭矩扳手
Entgratbuerste 去毛刷
Entgratwerkzeug 去毛刀具
Schleifdorn 磨头柄
Kegelsenker 倒角刀
Flansch für Schleifschnecke 喷头
Kuehlschmierbuchse 冷却管
Kappe 堵头
Kugellager 滚珠轴承
Leiste 滑块
Spannzange 夹套
Schleifscheibe 砂轮
Bohrer 钻头
Reibahle 绞刀
Instandhaltung 维修
Ausschusskosten 报废成本
Geberrad 信号轮