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Automobile Industry Processing Solution Case


Transmission Parts

With the continuous development of automotive power systems, the processing requirements for automotive transmissions are becoming more stringent. WSS solutions and tools for gearbox components rely on the practical application and optimization of professional technical teams to provide superior machining solutions for your gearbox components.


Transmission Housing

Die-cast aluminum has low hardness and good thermal conductivity, but has a low melting point. It is easy to form built-up edge during the cutting process, which affects the dimensional accuracy and surface roughness of the machined parts. WSS PCD tools are a good solution to these problems caused by the properties of die-cast aluminum.

Face milling the housing

Face milling tool with multiple inserts can achieve good chip breaking and removal effect. 

Machining the stepped bearing bore

PCD rotary tool has sharp edges and can control the occurrence of adherents such as built-up edge to a minimum. 

Tap drilling the housing

PCD thread milling tool ensures the high quality of the thread and high dimension accuracy. 

Reaming the housing

PCD reamer has good cutting performance and can significantly improve the processing efficiency.


Transmission Output/Input Shaft

The shaft parts play the role of transmitting power in the operation of the gearbox. They come in many different shapes and forms and need to avoid vibration during machining. WSS CBN grooving and turning inserts can meet the high dimensional tolerance requirements of shaft parts and save you processing costs.

External grooving

CBN grooving insert has stabile cutting performance and can extend the tool life, therefore reduce the processing costs

External turning

CBN turning insert processing output/input shaft excircle can meet strict surface finish requirements

Splining the groove

CBN grooving insert splining groove can achieve strict dimensional accuracy and better guarantee processing quality


Transmission Gear

Gears can transform vehicle power into different speeds and torques, the processing precision requirement of the gears is also very strict. WSS CBN inserts guarantee good machining quality for the internal, external face and the excircle of the gear.

Internal turning

CBN turning insert processing can reach high surface roughness and boost the process efficiency. 

External turning

CBN turning insert with high precision can meet the strict requirement of the size accuracy of gears.


Engine Parts

The engine is the core of automotive power. WSS solutions and tools for aluminum and cast-iron engine parts rely on the practical application of the technical team and are committed to contin-ually optimizing and improving the tool to create better process standards.


Cylinder Head

The cylinder head manufacturing process is complicated and is an important component of the engine. Its quality will largely affect the performance of the vehicle. WSS face milling cutter and CBN chamfering cutter guarantee the processing quality with stable performance and provide a cost-effective processing solution.

Face milling the cylinder head

WSS face milling tools are equipped with safe holders and robust inserts. High-efficiency finishing face milling significantly improves machining efficiency.

Fine-machining the valve seat ring

CBN chamfering cutter accurately and 

stably processing and smooth machining 

the valve seat ring, which ensures the 

high-quality surface finish.


Cylinder Head Housing

The quality of the cylinder head housing plays an important role in the operation of the cylinder head. WSS face milling tool is used to stably fine finish the plane of the housing, which ensures the surface quality and enhances the processing efficiency, creating more value for the customer.

Face milling the cylinder head housing

WSS face milling tool (APKT) can fine machine aluminum alloy parts in high speed, smooth surface milling for excellent surface quality and high feed rates.


Engine Piston

The piston is a reciprocating motion part in the cylinder block of the engine. In practical application, piston surface roughness and work piece accuracy have strict processing requirements. The solutions and tools provided by WSS for aluminum alloy piston, which depend on the practical application from professional technical team and continuously optimizing and improving tools to create higher quality process standards.

Grooving the piston ring

WSS CBN external grooving inserts precisely spline the piston surface. The inserts has good cutting control and various sizes to meet different processing requirements. Mounted in the cutter, the CBN inserts can groove stably for a long time. This is your cost-effective choice.

Reaming the piston pin bore

WSS PCD reaming tools bring you excellent surface quality and high bore accuracy, effectively reduce vibration and have flexible application. In addition, the rotary boring tools can process piston pin bore with customized and complex shapes, which not only ensures accurate positioning, but also efficient machining throughout the entire process.

Milling the piston top

WSS PCD milling tool of the profiling milling process shapes the concave shape of the piston top to suit the formation and combustion requirements of various engine combustion chambers.


Wheel hub

The manufacture and processing of automotive wheels has received more and more attention. Nowadays, many manufacturers prefer the beautiful and economical aluminum alloy wheels, hence the structure and processing technology of the wheel hub are more complicated. The solutions and tools provided by WSS rely on the practical application of the professional technical team and are committed to continuously optimize and improve the tool to create a higher quality process standard.


Machining the wheel hub

WSS turning tools have better chip control ability and higher process safety. WSS’s shank with PCD insert for stable machining of the hub surface and high metal removal rate can improve processing efficiency and create higher economic benefits for you.


Other Automotive Parts

In addition to the engine, gearbox and wheel hub, a car is also composed by many other essential components, such as air-condition-ing compressors and turbocharger parts. WSS solutions and tools for individual automotive components rely on the practical application of a professional technical team and are committed to continually optimizing and improving the tool to create better process standards.


Air-conditioning Compressor Piston

Air conditioning compressor is the heart of the refrigeration systems and compress, transports refrigerant vapors. The quality of the air conditioning compressor piston is closely related to the cooling effect. WSS PCD ball nose tool can mill easily, cost less and offer excellent surface quality.

Turbocharger Housing

The turbocharger system is very complex and needs to cope with high operating pressures, so the corresponding workpiece accuracy and the processing quality are also high. WSS’s processing solutions for the housing, such as external and internal fine-machining with turning inserts are very economical, and the precision machining technology can ensure the successful delivery.